Making eco-friendly branding a reality

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With sustainability making its way to the top of most business’ agendas and the recent surge in availability and funding for electric vehicles gathering pace, many fleet operators are now focussed on the shift to e-mobility and making procurement choices with environmental impact in mind. This change is now being driven harder by the announced Government timescales on the ban on Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly announcing new models to hit our roads and when they do, most businesses will be investing in vehicle graphics to brand their fleets and provide protection against scratches and debris whilst in operation.

However, many operators are still not considering the environmental credentials of the graphics that are used. In fact, due to the lack of information in the market about options available, the composition of vehicle graphics is often completely overlooked. Currently, PVC-Vinyl wraps and graphics are still readily used throughout the industry and will continue to do so for some time yet. Lack of awareness of the alternatives and cost implications are often barriers to this change, but the shift to more environmentally-friendly options is being accelerated by companies like RGVA, who are promoting the PVC-free options that exist.

Based in Maidstone, RGVA offers a complete vehicle branding service, which includes vinyl wrapping, graphic applications, signwriting and graphic design services for cars, trucks and trailers, across the UK.  As a 3M? Select? Gold Partner, the vehicle graphics specialists have committed to delivering the highest standard of graphic production, with a proven record in the graphics industry, and a deep understanding of 3M graphic films and their installation. For businesses considering the options available to them for vehicle graphics, they can be safe in the knowledge that by choosing a 3M Select Graphic Partner, they will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with graphics that are manufactured under a 3M Warranty.

RGVA now introduce companies to 3M’s Envision range; using materials which are non-PVC, Phthalate-free, made in part with bio-based materials, manufactured using 58% less solvent and made without chlorine or other halogens added.

Passionate about educating the industry about this alternative, RGVA’s Commercial Director, Richard Cox confirms that businesses who have opted for this greener option include Gnewt cargos,’s last mile delivery fleet, Ocado Group’s home delivery electric vehicles and Greencell Ltd’s lorries and trailers.

He explains that “this more environmentally friendly option is just as easy to apply as standard PVC vinyl graphics and offers greater longevity, durability and quality, compared to graphics with PVC composition.”

Opting for the 3M Envision Print non-PVC Film 480 on their truck cabs and 48C on their trailers, Greencell Ltd had a particularly creative brief – aiming to create a modern and eye-catching campaign, showing an almost abstract interpretation of avocados at varying stages of their growth. For the fruit and vegetable wholesaler, the visual impact of these graphics was key to the brand and messaging. Matthew Churchill, Business Development Manager at Greencell Ltd commented that “the design has not just been delivered; it has far exceeded our expectations, and the result is breathtakingly different to anything we’ve seen before.

“The print quality is second to none – creating a high-gloss, attractive effect that seems to change appearance at differing angles and in different weather conditions.”

A number of Ocado’s fleet of electric delivery vehicles are also wrapped in 3M’s Envision Print non-PVC Film 48C, showcasing their vibrant and eco-friendly graphics. The company’s commitment to fleet sustainability, demonstrated through their transition to EVs is now echoed by the eco-credentials of their graphics. Ocado commented that “we were not [previously] aware of a PVC free material and as a company that like to lead the field and are watched by others it’s great to be the first food retailer to have electric vehicles with sustainable graphics.”

Gnewt, a subsidiary business of Menzies distribution, provide a warehouse to customer delivery service for London based ASOS customers with a unique offering of a last mile, emission-free delivery. With corporate social responsibility at its core, ASOS required an instantly recognisable, non-PVC, environmentally friendly wrap for their delivery vehicles. After considering Gnewt and ASOS's needs, RGVA found a solution that met all their goals with 3M? Envision? Print Wrap Film 480mC.
3M? Envision? Print Wrap Film 480mC is a revolutionary, non-PVC, high performing wrap film. Treated with Comply? Adhesive technology, it uses microchannels to eliminate air bubbles for a flawless application. It works with all printers to achieve vibrant designs with excellent print quality and is ultra-versatile for use on a range of applications.

The three-way partnership between Gnewt, ASOS and RGVA cements the company’s commitment to emission-free delivery to all of its clients within London.

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