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As we navigate through these unprecedented times it is clear that only through adopting a collective approach will emerge successfully and achieve the targets set by our elected leaders. Never before has there been such focus on reducing carbon emissions and what we must do to ensure a sustainable future.

For businesses new to EV trying to make sense of the sheer number of options, costs and benefits of transitioning to a ULEV fleet and installing an EV charging infrastructure can be a daunting task.

“What hardware should I use?”, “Do I have enough electrical capacity on my site to power the chargers I want?” and “Do I need a back office software solution/what does it do?”. These questions, and many more, will no doubt be familiar to many GF 100 attendees.

Whether you are a fleet manager, an environmental/energy manager, or the owner of a small business the balance of environmental benefit with capital outlay always seems to be a challenge.  However here at BMM with over seven years’ experience in a relatively new industry we believe we have the solution to your issues.

BMM Energy Solutions are one of the UK’s leading providers of Electric Vehicle recharging solutions. With over seven years EV industry experience, BMM Energy Solutions have installed over 7000 chargepoints for clients including the NHS, Police, Fire & Rescue and various local authority public networks. We have installation partnerships with Drax Power, EDF, Centrica, Engie, Scottish Power and Gronn Kontakt, playing a key role in the delivery of their EV ambitions.

With our EVCP manufacturing partners, back office software companies and financial partners we believe we have the capability to support and deliver your project. With the end goal of building a sustainable and reliable charging infrastructure that refuels your fleet when and where you need it most.

Services we provide include:

  • Fleet analytics
  • Buildings surveys
  • New DNO connections
  • Civils & Electrical Works
  • Access to state-of-the-art hardware
  • Access to the UK’s leading software platforms
  • Custom bay markings and signage
  • Ongoing reactive and planned maintenance
  • Access to government & external funding

BMM can tailor a solution that best fits your need and budget by offering all or some of or services nationwide.

To find how we can make your EV transition a little easier get in touch

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