Touchstar Technologies – An Introduction

Company Focus

TouchStar Technologies has been supplying turnkey data capture and general mobile computing solutions for small, medium and large logistics / delivery clients since its inception in 1985. ‘Blue Chip’ organisations from a multitude of industrial sectors such as Coca Cola Enterprises, Wincanton Logistics, Morrisons, The Bread Factory, New Wave Seafood, Calor and DHL have benefited from a highly professional approach to project fulfilment.

Our solutions are always ‘fit for purpose’. To this end, we can provide tangible evidence of our status as a leading supplier. TouchStar Technologies;

  • Has an installed base of over 500,000 terminals
  • Enjoys a high level of roll-out and repeat business
  • Has low staff turnover, plus a high level of expertise in data capture, systems integration, wireless technology and networks
  • Manufactures a broad range of vehicle-based devices and mobile computers in a variety of form factors
  • Can also supply and support data capture hardware from a variety of third-party manufacturers
  • Provides sophisticated software solutions for business applications
  • Will undertake bespoke software and hardware development if required

The service that we can extend to our clients includes;

  • Thorough analysis of client’s overall system requirement. Resolution of integration issues with legacy systems
  • System design and manufacture, including bespoke software and hardware development if required
  • System commissioning and installation
  • Full local post-sale system maintenance and service, including ‘rapid response’ call-out for any customers that require it

TouchStar Technologies has become the preferred supplier to many leading organisations throughout the World. Loyalty shown by these customers is testimony to our commitment to in-house quality systems, on-going research and development, employee training and an overall customer-centred approach. Our R&D activity resulted in the launch of the ‘PODStar’ Electronic Proof of Delivery system in 2016.

PODStar – Electronic Proof of Delivery

At its simplest level PODStar is an?Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) System

Using a smart phone or mobile computer, your van or HGV driver can obtain an electronic signature from your client which confirms receipt of the goods or service delivered.

If further evidence is required, the driver can take a confirmatory photograph or scan a barcode which the PODStar system will automatically attach to the client record.

The proof of delivery information is immediately transmitted in real time to your back-office system. This allows you to produce invoices for completed jobs, maximising?cash flow.?for your business.

PODStar can be fully integrated into your existing back office systems or act as a stand-alone independent system with its own invoicing module.

However, PODStar is much more than just EPOD. Let’s run through a small number of the system’s key features;


With our highly flexible entry screens powered by a web based back office system we can cater for almost any delivery scenario. Once the jobs are entered on to the system they can be allocated to vehicles in the most logical order, using our planning tool,?eliminating paperwork?and?saving time.


Using real time job information, you are able to drag and drop the jobs on to the relevant vehicles and, using built-in checks, make sure you are not overloading the vehicle. Once a manifest has been created it is then sent out to the drivers or engineers remotely in the field. To further enhance the efficiency, we can display the route on a digital map?saving fuel?and?time on the road.


You can track your driver and vehicle using the handheld device. The fleet manager effectively sees a real-time update of driver location on a digital map. As well as showing the fleet information we are also displaying job information within the same system – there is?no need for separate tracking software.


PODStar lets you store key reminders, like tax, MOT, and service dates against your vehicles and be notified in advance of renewal dates whenever you log into the system ensuring your company is always fully compliant.


TouchStar’s APP allows drivers to complete vehicle checks using a mobile device, which then uploads reports directly to a back office system in real time. The device can also be used to take photographs of any damage or low tyre treads, record a driver’s digital signature and capture the date, time and GPS location at the time of the check to ensure the?highest levels of accuracy, eliminating paperwork?and?avoiding fines.?The software enables the driver to produce an on-device report which is extremely useful in the event of being stopped by the police or other officials.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of PODStar’s many features. To discover more visit our website or call to arrange a demonstration.

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