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Chevin Smart Fleet Management

Five industry trends you should be planning for right now

Industry roadmaps went out the window in 2020, as we faced some pretty unexpected twists and turns.

Making eco-friendly branding a reality

With sustainability making its way to the top of most business’ agendas and the recent surge in availability and funding for electric vehicles gathering pace, many fleet operators are now focussed on the shift to e-mobility and making procurement choices with environmental impact in mind.

The AA strengthens its support for businesses with latest breakthrough to rescue EVs

In the past 12 months alone, the number of electric vehicles on the road has increased by more than 300%*, and as a result of this, the AA continues to experience an escalating number of EV related callouts.

Achieving cost-effective emissions compliance in London’s ULEZ with Eminox

Forward-looking fleet operators understand the impact of emissions on urban air quality and the health of those living and working in cities.

Charging into an EV future

The transformative potential of electric vehicles (EVs) is not just good for the planet but for employers and employees too.

BMM Energy Solutions

As we navigate through these unprecedented times it is clear that only through adopting a collective approach will emerge successfully and achieve the targets set by our elected leaders.

Teletrac Navman

Powered by AI to turn real-time data into decisions, Teletrac Navman’s specialised solutions deliver businesses with simplified, smart, predictive and actionable insights to help enhance productivity and profitability.

Outspoken Cycles

Last Mile Logistics are in our company DNA. Based in Cambridge, the heart of cycling, we grew from Outspoken Delivery which gave us a crucial early insight into the industry.

Touchstar Technologies – An Introduction

TouchStar Technologies has been supplying turnkey data capture and general mobile computing solutions for small, medium and large logistics / delivery clients since its inception in 1985.

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire specialises in providing businesses with short to long term electric vehicle solutions.

Driveline Emissions Technologies

Driveline Emissions Technologies now offers ULEZ CVRAS ULEZ Retrofit Upgrades as well as Euro 4, 5, 6 Exhaust Maintenance.

Expansion begins at 40 for Totalkare

The UK’s leading provider of lifting and testing solutions reveals why a big birthday is the perfect time to embark on a five-year expansion plan.

EO Charging

Charlie Jardine is the Founder and CEO of EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturers.

Chevin Fleet Solutions – 29 years of fleet management software innovation

Established in 1990 in Belper, a small Derbyshire town in the heart of England, Chevin was founded by Ashley Sowerby, the company’s managing director.

Premier Cabs

On the 14th November 2019, at the British Motor Museum, Premier Cabs of Blackpool was awarded Private Hire/Taxi Company of the year.